Which Countertop Is Best to Put in Your Kitchen?

Whether you are building a home or simply looking to do some renovations in a home you already own, you can quickly become overwhelmed at the number of options that are given to you when it comes time to finish your kitchen. Of course, not all countertop materials are created equal, but you might be wondering what the pros and cons of each type of material are. 

 1. Marble


Marble is one of the most expensive stones that can be used on a countertop in an upgraded kitchen. Many homeowners who are unable to afford the glamourous look that marble countertops can afford will choose to place a marble countertop on an accent island rather than in the entire kitchen. 


Marble is a light colored natural stone that has to be cut and installed by professionals. As mentioned already, it is extremely expensive, but it can last for a lifetime. Marble also has a timeless look to it which makes it a great long-term choice for your kitchen. 

 2. Granite


Granite is hands down one of the most popular choices for the modern kitchen, although granite is certainly not a new material for the kitchen. It is a clean, smooth, and highly-durable material that is favorable for the kitchen for a few different reasons. It comes in a number of different colors and is extremely durable. It is suitable for using a knife on and is extremely resistant to heat. 


However, granite is one of the most expensive stones for kitchen countertops. It is also not something that you can cut or install on your own. So, while it certainly has its perks, it is not the simplest option for instillation. 

 3. Soapstone


Soapstone has recently gained popularity as an alternative to the extremely popular option of granite that many people are going with. Soapstone is much darker than most granite colors and does not have the shiny finish that many of the other countertop options have. Many of the homeowners who are drawn to an antique or aged look, really like the way that soapstone ages over time.  

 4. Quartz


The most affordable and the only do-it-yourself option on our list, quartz is a man-made stone that is a great budget option for any of the above choices. Quartz is actually a popular material for kitchen countertops and it is extremely durable and does not detract from the value of the home. If you are replacing worn, tattered, or outdated countertops then quartz is a great option to increase the value of your home. 


Final Thoughts


It might seem like there are endless options when you begin looking into the various types of countertops on the market. However, the truth is that only some of these countertops are worth looking into in the first place. When shopping for a kitchen countertop, you should be on the lookout for a material that will last for a long time and will resist the damage that can be done to countertops over time.

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