What Does the Process of an Insurance Claim Look Like in Texas?

Texas has an environment that is prone to a lot of big storms that can come through the area. When a big storm comes, it can be a frightening and stressful time for everyone who lives there.

One of the worst things that can happen during these storms is when you have damage to your house. Again, this is never a fun situation for anyone, but it doesn’t have to throw you into a frenzy of concern.

If a storm has come through and the outside of your house needs repairs, NTH Companies is able to come to you and work with both you and an insurance adjuster to fix your house and get everything back to normal as quickly as possible.

Again, it can be a scary time when this happens, but you simply need to take things one step at a time.


What Are The First Things I Need To Do?

First of all, be sure that everyone involved in any accident is completely safe including the shock of such a big event. You can’t put a price on human life, so be sure to treat everyone with compassion and help one another to move forward.

You do have some duties to take care of after a storm comes through and damages your house. You will need to give your insurer a claim via written notice. It’s important to cooperate with your insurance company and respond to requests with as much documentation and information as possible. Some people tend to think of things in a very negative manner, which makes sense because this is a sensitive process, but keeping a healthy relationship with your insurer is a very good idea.

Your insurance company has a responsibility to treat you fairly and to respond to all of your requests which includes details about why any claim or a part of a claim is denied. Again, it is best to try not to think of things in a personal manner here, but to understand it is part of a process.

Debris Removal

It will be your responsibility to remove debris from your property after a storm, however you may have coverage in your policy that will help you with this issue. If you have questions about this, it would be best to contact your insurance provider.

Document Everything

It can seem frustrating at times, but you do really need to document everything if you are trying to file claims with your insurance company. Keep as many records as you can about specific items, cause of loss, and any other details that you think may be relevant. Trying to keep pristine records is a huge source of frustration but it helps the claim process run more smoothly. Remember, the more you can cooperate with your insurance company, the faster the process will go. The faster the process goes, the sooner that NTH Companies can help you re-build and get back to your normal way of life sooner.

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