Top 3 Things To Remodel Before You Sell Your Home

You believe your home is in top condition, with many commendable features, but there’s just something about that one area that doesn’t seem to do it for you. Sure enough, if you notice this downfall yourself, it is likely that others who view your home with the intention of buying may also be thrown off by it, and may not want to spend the money on remodeling whatever it may be after they purchase the home. 


Losing a sale because of just one, or a few, areas that the potential home-buyer didn’t like can be quite devastating. Selling a home can be a very tough process, but ensuring those areas that need some help are remodeled can mean a world of difference. Well, that’s exactly where we come in! As the best remodeling company in Parker County here at NTH Companies, we have a reputation of bringing remodeling to the next level, with the experience and craftsmanship to back it up. Before attempting to sell your home, here are three things that we recommend to have remodeled beforehand. 

1.) The Kitchen Area

One of the first things many people notice and point out when walking into a new home is the kitchen, and how it appears at first. Obviously, the kitchen can become one of the most used areas in the household, and this goes without much thought. Many different messy materials and substances are used in the kitchen, as well as a range of temperatures experienced, and over time, this can begin to bring down the quality of the area as a whole. 


There are many different areas within the kitchen that could use a remodel or replacement. Outdated hardware, such as old sinks, faucets and dishwashers should be replaced to keep up with the energy efficiency of modern ones. Painting over the walls can also help to cover up any grease stains and bring a new atmosphere to the room. Overall, the kitchen area is a big one to consider for remodeling before selling. 

2.) Bathrooms

There aren’t many more areas of your house that can turn a customer off than an old, gross bathroom. For obvious reasons, bathrooms can become pretty worn, and as a result, begin to lose much of the charm they possessed in the first place. With a new bathroom, potential customers who walk in and see it will be much more comfortable with the thought of using the bathroom themselves, which in turn makes it easier for them to see themselves living there. 

3.) New Flooring

Constantly being stepped on, it isn’t uncommon for old flooring to be bubbling out in some areas, while cracking in others, and fading its color almost everywhere. Old flooring can give your home a somewhat vintage feel, and this isn’t desired by the average potential home-buyer. With new flooring throughout your home, a more modern feel will be presented. The addition of new flooring can be used in conjunction with your wall colors / other home colors that will work to complement each other, and bring a wonderful look to anyone who views your home. 

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