The Benefits of Building a Custom Home

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As the cost of renting continues to rise, building a new custom home is becoming a competitive option for a growing portion of the population. The home building process has historically been something that has been viewed as confusing or financially out of reach. Let’s examine some the benefits of building a New Custom Home and show that it may be much more feasible than you previously thought.

Complete Customization

If you are in the market to purchase a home you have probably encountered the following situation. You have spent hours upon hours searching for houses online, visited tons of houses for showings, and have finally found “the one”. There’s only one little problem: either the kitchen layout is no longer functional, that bathroom could use a complete overhaul, or it’s not in the neighborhood you really want. You’re left with a few options. First, you can purchase the house as-is and just accept the fact that you will always be at least a little unsatisfied with your new home. Second, you can through various means plan to fix this problem after the purchase – after all, who doesn’t like moving into a new house only to start the construction process (dust included). Finally, you can pass on the house and keep hoping and dreaming that the house you’ve always wanted will appear on the market in your neighborhood, in your price range, in your time frame, and hope that your offer will stand out above and beyond the numerous other offers that this dream house will entice.

Custom Homes offer a solution to all of these problems. Build the floor plan you want, in the neighborhood you want, on your time frame, and on your budget.

Custom Homes offer customization in:

  • Lot/Neighborhood

  • Floor Plan

  • Exterior Finish (Brick,Stone,Siding)

  • Windows

  • Electrical Fixture Locations

  • HVAC Locations

  • Cabinet Design/Location

  • Color Selections

  • Countertops

  • Appliances

  • Flooring

  • Bath/Kitchen Tile

…and many more. Whether it’s a floor plan you already have picked out or would like to design one from scratch. Bring your Pinterest boards, your screenshots, and your napkin drawings. Design control is one of the largest and most profound benefits of building a custom home.


Custom Home Energy Efficiency

As they age, homes lose the ability to efficiently conserve energy like they did when they were newly constructed. In addition, the implementation of national energy codes ensures that homes constructed today will meet a minimum standard of energy efficiency. The insulation products used in older homes tends to settle and become inefficient over time. Vapor and water barrier methods of the past do not control the movement of air into and out of the building envelope as well as current technologies do. Long story short, most custom homes are on the cutting edge of energy efficiency. Often times that utility bills of a custom home will be significantly lower per square foot than older homes of the same size. This decrease in operating expenses allows your budget to go further when thinking past the initial purchase of your home and understanding the true ownership costs associated with the home.

Standard Energy Efficient Features in Custom Homes include:

  • Spray Foam Insulation

  • Advanced Water/Vapor Barrier System

  • Solid Core Exterior Doors

  • New Energy Efficient Appliances

  • Water Saving Plumbing Fixtures

Energy Efficiency can be a huge cost savings over the lifetime of your home. This is one of the largest benefits of building a new custom home.


Custom Home Budget Efficiency

With a new Custom Home, you get the option to spend your money exactly where you want it. Excluding the basics, your home is a blank slate for you to do with as you please. And if  you are most concerned with building your dream kitchen, but the finish of the auxiliary bedrooms are less important, by all means allocate more of your budget towards your kitchen. Have a dream shower from Pinterest that you’ve always wanted, but you’re not to concerned with having an ornate fireplace? Boom, let’s get that dream shower into the budget and cut the fireplace. The level of control you have in a new Custom Home far exceeds your standard house purchase. If you’ve got a dream, let’s get it built – exactly like you want.


Custom Home Financing

Most people think Custom Homes have to break the bank, and while Custom Homes can be as reasonable or as lavish as you would like, building a Custom Home can be affordable. In addition to the benefits listed above, most custom homes have access to the same financing products as traditional or existing homes. Furthermore Custom Homes will qualify for FHA programs that only require a minimum of 3.5% down on the purchase. Your construction loan and permanent financing can be combined into one loan called a “Single Close” or “One Time Close” loan. This means that there is no need to go through more paperwork once your Custom Home is complete.

The access to traditional financing on your Custom Home combined with the customization and quality that you will receive makes building a Custom Home a competitive and viable option for many people who think building their dream home is out of reach.



Custom Home Quality

Plain and simple your Custom Home is going to be unrivaled in build quality and features. In a new Custom Home there will be less maintenance on you once you get moved in. With older homes you will likely have to replace/repair key elements that the previous owners enjoyed when they built new! A New Custom Home built with all new materials, systems, and warrantied labor  will provide a remarkable value for your investment and will provide you and your family with the absolute best option for you to call home. Just imagine being able to see your dream home take shape from a drawing on a napkin to Home Sweet Home.

If you are interested in finding out just how easy it can be to build your dream home, get in touch with us here.

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