Remodel Overview – 106 Bowie Drive

Kitchen After Photo

Project Overview

This project entailed a full remodel on an abandoned hoarder house in Weatherford, Tx. The house was sold via court order and NTH Companies contracted the property within 24 hours of viewing the property and eventually closed on the property within 21 days of walking the property. The property was an intensive remodeling project that took approximately 4 months to complete.

Before the Remodel

This house was built in 1964 and the design styles of the time were obvious throughout the house. From the wood paneling to the 60’s green tile bathroom walls, the appeal of the house was very low prior to the renovation. In addition to cosmetic updates, many structural updates were required as well as a full systems upgrade.

The structural remodel of this property involved removing 2 interior walls to open up the area between the kitchen and the living room. The bathroom was widened to provide room for a modern tub/shower insert. The exterior facia and soffit was completely reframed and approximately 40% of the roof decking had to be replaced. A new roof system was installed with 30 year Tamko shingles.

The systems of the house were completely updated. The plumbing was replaced both on the supply side (water lines) and the wastewater aside (drains) with new PEX and PVC materials. The electrical system was entirely replaced to remove original 2 wire aluminum wiring and replace with modern Romex wiring. The replacement of the electrical systems allowed us to move lighting/fixtures to optimize the use of the space and layout. The mechanical systems were completely replaced with a new 2.5 ton HVAC heatpump and new ventilation systems.

Cosmetic updates included new paint, flooring, trim, cabinets, countertops, windows, doors, and fixtures. As you will see below, the cosmetic finish of this house really made the project come together and helped create a beautiful space for the future residents.

After the Remodel

As you can see, the remodel of this property was drastic. In the end, the house was converted to a highly coveted space that will be enjoyed for years to come. While the vision is sometimes tough to see at the start of the project, it is encouraging to see the end result. By using the right technology, the right time, and the experience gained from past jobs we were able to complete this jobs seamlessly.

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