How To Know You’re Dealing With A Reputable Home Remodeling Company

If you are entrusting a company to carry out your home remodeling for you, it comes with no doubt that you would like to be certain of the fact that they are a reputable company, and are openly transparent with their customers throughout the whole design and construction process. In the blue collar world, it’s always fair to be skeptical of companies and their true intentions. 


Here at NTH Companies we take pride in our reputation of open communication with our customers. The honesty and level of communication we bring to the table has eased the worries of our customers ever since our start. We are committed to bringing you a beautiful remodeling job, and we wouldn’t be able to bring them to you if it weren’t for the ongoing mutual trust between us and our customers. NTH Companies is known as one of the best remodeling companies in Parker County, and we intend to keep it that way.

Check Our Reviews!

In modern times, online reviews can tend to make or break a company. At NTH Companies, we are a proud subject of many positive online reviews, from people complimenting many aspects of our work. Our customers have felt as if we truly wanted to bring them a beautiful remodeling job, as opposed to just going for a check, like most other companies. We plan to uphold our reputation of bringing a combination of quality service and open communication.

View Our Past Projects!

If you happen to be interested in viewing multiple of our past remodeling projects, you can easily do so by checking out our website, under the ‘Remodeling’ module. From there, you can scroll down through an abundance of pictures. Each picture is a representation of jobs we have completed, large or small, so you can gain an insight as to how our final product will look when we are finished constructing. 


To get a good view on a company, there aren’t many better pieces of visual information than a photo that displays the final look of a project. Looking through these photos can help to give you an idea of what we deliver, and can also help to give you some ideas of remodeling that you would like done!

Know Who’s Working At Your House!

If you take on a remodeling job from NTH Companies, you can rest assured that there will be no workers or subcontractors at your house who will be there without prior acknowledgement. It’s your home, and we want you to feel as comfortable as possible at all times about who is working in your house and what they are doing. We don’t hide any details about who is working in your home, and you can rest assured that anyone hired by and working for us is a clean-cut and caring professional, driven by their motivation to deliver beautiful home remodeling jobs. 

Get In Contact!

Whenever you feel you’re ready to get your remodeling job started, give NTH Companies a call at 817-631-2300, and we’ll start the planning and design process as soon as possible.

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