Custom Home Design Overview

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Your Custom Home design phase is the opportunity for you to truly make it feel like you and your family’s space! This is the exciting part for us. We want to incorporate your style and personality throughout the entire house so that your new home is a source of comfort and relaxation. Your custom home will be the backdrop of family photos and videos for years to come. The pictures of your whole family posing in front of the ornate fireplace on Christmas Eve, your child’s first day of school picture in front of the dark oak front door, and moments baking cookies on the granite you chose will all be kept as treasured memories for a lifetime. 

It can feel like a lot of pressure when it comes down to picking between three very similar colors or deciding on the style of your doorknobs. The options seem endless. This is where our design team can assist during these overwhelming moments. Over the years, we have installed several combinations of design elements and can help you make choices that will best fit your lifestyle.

Color Design


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Let’s start with the color selections. There has been a recent shift from tan and brown tones to a more modern style incorporating gray, black and white. We have worked diligently to find the perfect paint colors in this spectrum. Finding a gray that is not too light that it goes unnoticed and not too dark that it alters the room has been our mission, and based on the feedback from our customers, we have found it.  

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Although gray tones are on the rise, we fully understand that those colors might not be your style. Maybe the perfect sage green, navy blue, or subtle beige is the color that brings your personality into your custom home! 

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Kitchen Design

Next, we move to the kitchen. Currently, some of the most popular kitchen cabinet colors are black, white, and dark stained wood. White gives a beautiful crisp and clean look to the entire kitchen. Black cabinets bring in some contrast and add elegance to the room. Dark wood presents an earthier vibe that can also add some contrast. Another major design component in the kitchen is the backsplash selection. There is an art in discovering the exact backsplash that adds a statement to the kitchen without becoming too “busy”. Backsplash is a piece in the kitchen that allows you to get creative, but maintaining flow and evenness is key to a beautiful kitchen. 

Flooring Design

Now, let’s discuss flooring. In your Custom Home Design recommend using a flooring that is water resistant and durable because well, life happens! In addition to durability, it must also look appealing and perfectly placed. This type of flooring comes in several shades of grays and browns. Another recent design shift is moving toward more of the wood flooring look and less carpet. However, we recognize that carpet is a better fit for some. You might even want a combination of the two throughout your house. Using a wood flooring look in the living areas and carpet in the bedrooms may be just what you are interested in. We love using this vinyl plank option from Home Depot, click here.

Custom Home Design | Living Room Design

Custom Home Design | Living Room Design

Exterior Design

In addition to ensuring the interior design of the house reflects you and your family’s desires, the exterior is often just as important. The exterior of your home is the first impression guests get as they arrive at your new place. We have experience working with combinations of rock and brick to give your new place character and consistency while adding some dimension to the overall look of your home. We also know that your dream home might incorporate siding to present more of the farmhouse look. Again, your preference might be a combination of the two. 


There are numerous ways to make your custom home embody elements that reflect you and your family’s lifestyles, personalities, and dreams. Our relentless effort to make those specific dreams come true is what guides our planning, discussions, and entire building process. At times the home design process can seem overwhelming but by partnering with the right team, integrative design can make your new Custom Home a space that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

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