3 Benefits of Building a Home vs. Buying an Existing House

Owning a home is probably the oldest part of the traditional American dream. However, some people tend to think that it doesn’t matter how you get there. While it is true that many people buy houses they don’t mind living in, it actually may be a better idea for you to build your home.

How do you know if that process is right for you? These are three benefits that you’ll get if you build your home as opposed to buying one on the marketplace.

#1. Customizable

Having a house that is built to your specifications is by far the biggest advantage when building your own home instead of buying an existing house. There are a few ways that this level of customization helps you out.

For one thing, there are no adjustments to make. There are no spaces that are too small like the kitchen or bathroom where you simply have to “make do”. You get to design the kitchen, you get to design the bathroom so if one of these areas is too big or too small, you only have yourself to blame.

While building your own home seems like it may be time consuming, it can actually save you a lot of time as well. Time is a valuable resource to many, so why would you want to spend all of your time visiting different houses and different properties to try and find one that is a perfect fit for you? Making your own plan means that you will be completely happy without having to visit open houses and measure kitchen sizes in homes that are for sale.

It’s a great feeling to be able to plan things for your own specific family because you know them best and you know what kind of living spaces will be the perfect ones for you.

#2. Energy Efficient

This is an area that can be under-rated when building your own home. Along with a house that is designed perfectly for you, you’re also going to be operating what is essentially a “perfect” home when it comes to appliances as well.

Everything will be brand new, which might seem like it is going to cost a lot of money but it is also going to save you money on the back end with energy costs. These costs add up over the life of a house and it will be a great thing to save money on these “variable” expenses. Because you’ll be buying new appliances, you should also avoid a lot of repair fees as these new appliances should be reliable for the first years of ownership.

#3. The Budget

Being able to rely on those appliances will help you plan out your budget, which is the next advantage. There shouldn’t be nearly as many hidden expenses in the building of a home as compared to buying someone else’s old house. There can be endless repairs in an old house that are completely hidden from view – you won’t even know what they are until they pop up.


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